Monitoring system for the technical condition of generators and asynchronous motors


  1. Visualization of generator and asynchronous motor resources;
  2. Wireless data transmission;
  3. Contactless execution of the device.


  • Detailed visualization of monitoring by presenting the residual life of the generator and asynchronous motor in percentage terms.
  • The ability to monitor high-voltage high-power electric motors.
  • Absence of external moving parts that complicate operation. The device is assembled in a contactless design.
  • The ability to transmit information both via wireless channels via the Bluetooth interface and via traditional wires.
  • No need for external power supply; the supply voltage is taken directly from the phase wire by means of a built-in transformer.
  • The device monitors the electric motor only when it is turned on and automatically turns off when it is turned off.
  • Reliable fixation of the device on the phase wire by means of tight clamps.


The current sensor located in the device records the current characteristic of the load on the phase wire of the electric motor, after which it is analyzed. During this analysis, one type of damage is detected:

  • Rotor cell defects;
  • Bearing defects;
  • Inter-turn short circuits in the stator winding;
  • Deviations of the air gap.

When detecting the development of any of the defects, the system displays information about this defect in percentage form for ease of visualization. This information can be transmitted either via a radio channel to the automated process Control System for further storage and processing, or transmitted to a smartphone or tablet.

STRUCTURAL DESIGN: The device of the monitoring system is made in a sealed cubic-shaped housing with clamping clamps, for ease of installation on the phase wire of the asynchronous motor and exclusion of mixing as a result of operation, as well as to ensure proper insulation. The proposed range of devices includes models for different categories of electric motor capacities and different voltage classes; for voltages of 0.4, 6, 10 kV and capacities from 2 to 20 kW.

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