Product description

The dehumidification complex is designed to remove moisture and mechanical impurities from the transformer oil of power oil transformers, autotransformers and reactors. It is versatile and suitable for transformers of any size.


Thanks to the intelligent filling, the complex automatically monitors the percentage of moisture in the transformer oil and when the set values are reached, “drying” turns on. Thus, the SDS complex is able to reduce the humidity level of transformer oil from 50 ppm to less than 10 ppm. This process not only reduces the aging rate of cellulose insulation, but also improves the dielectric strength of the insulating oil, which significantly affects the reliability of the transformer and increases its service life. When operating the SDS complex, the risks of transformer failure at higher load cycles are significantly reduced.

Technical characteristics of the SDS complex: Transformer oil from the tank of electrical equipment passes through a coarse filter due to the operation of the system pump, the sorbent (silica gel or zeolite) is cleaned and drained. As a result, mechanical impurities and impurities remain in the coarse filter, the sorbent is saturated with moisture. The design of the device allows you to quickly dismantle and clean the filter element of the coarse filter, as well as replace the sorbent, either together with the cartridge or in cartridges. The system is equipped with humidity sensors that detect the presence of moisture in the transformer oil both at the inlet and outlet, which allows you to timely determine and plan the replacement of cartridges with adsorbent or the replacement of adsorbent in cartridges. The coarse filter is equipped with pressure gauges to control its contamination. The controls and terminals for electrical connections are located in the control cabinet.

There are two types of system execution: SDS-1 and SDS-3. These systems are selected depending on the total volume of transformer oil and the pump performance of the system.


SDS continuously and promptly removes moisture from solid insulation;

The complex is easily installed on any transformer, even under voltage

The ability to control temperature and humidity

Made on the basis of molecular sieve technology

Flexible hose connections increase reliability when replacing the cartridge

Two options: frame version and body version

The best price from the manufacturer

Short production time

Quality guarantee up to 5 years

Delivery anywhere in the world

Possibility of individual design and assembly

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