AM-C transformer cooling monitoring and automatic control system


Product description

The Transformer Cooling Monitoring and Automatic Control System (AM-C) is designed for monitoring and controlling electric motors (hereinafter referred to as ED) of fans, pumps of the cooling system of power transformers. AM-C is installed on both new transformers and existing ones (replacement of an outdated cooling control system).   Main functions of AM-C
  • protection of each ED against short circuits, overloads, operation at high and low voltage, breakage, asymmetry and violation of the order of phase alternation;
  • diagnostics of the ED contactor;
  • calculation of the efficiency of each cooler;
  • reassigning the roles of pumps and cooling groups (reserve-main) to equalize resource indicators;
  • possibility of simultaneous use of digital and analog inputs;
  • possibility to change temperature and load settings;
  • digital data transmission;
  • monitoring of ED service intervals;
  • accounting for the calculated readings of the NNT;
  • accounting of the operating time and the number of starts of ED pumps and fans;
  • accounting for the operating modes of the cooling control system and cooling groups;
  • taking into account the temperature parameters of the cooling groups and the environment;
  • alarm about the operating modes of the cooling control system;
  • alarm on disconnection of any ED;
  • manual shutdown of ED;
  • operation from two power sources – the main and backup with the priority of the main input;
  • accounting for outages of any ED
  Management and configuration Control and adjustment is carried out using the operator panel in the corresponding window of the cooling group or pump. On the operator panel in different windows are displayed: - alarms indicating the time of occurrence and their elimination (confirmation). - logs of system operation modes, ED switches. - temperature graphs of the cooling group, NNT, environment. - total operating time and number of starts of ED pumps and ED fans for each ED, respectively. - the order and frequency of reassigning the roles of pumps and cooling groups (reserve is the main one). - temperature and current settings of the cooling groups   Management and configuration The cooling system is controlled automatically by a programmable logic controller using analog and discrete signals from temperature and current sensors that fix the transformer load. The settings for switching on the ED fans and pumps can be changed to meet specific conditions. All settings are displayed on the operator panel screen. The cooling system can be switched on remotely, by an external relay or by a button. In the automatic mode of operation, the PLC performs diagnostics of contactors, monitoring their operation, and also monitors the operation of each of the ED using the EMM Electric motor Monitoring Module developed by us.

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