Oil level indicator sinclined type MC1..N, MC2..N

Oil level indicators are designed for all existing world standards and standard sizes.

Product description

  • to determine the level of liquid dielectric in the expander of an oil transformer or other apparatus during its operation;
  • to establish a normal oil level in the expander when filling the transformer with it;
  • for issuing an electrical signal at minimum and maximum operating oil levels in the expander.


– Climatic design and accommodation category according to GOST 15150-69;

– Degree of protection IP56 according to GOST 14254-2015;

– The position of the oil indicator is inclined;

– The value of the main electrical parameters of the contacts must correspond to Table 1.

Таble 1.

Oil level indicators of the inclined type MC are installed on the expanders of medium and large transformers. For the convenience of visual control of the oil level, the dial is made at an angle of 20 degrees.

Axial and radial versions of this type of oil indicator are available to order.

The axial type oil indicator is available in two versions of the lever design:

1) the roller moves inside the flexible shell;

2) the lever float moves under the flexible shell.

Any color based on the customer’s specifications. The length of the rod and the climatic design are any and do not

affect the cost.

Options available to order:

– redundant switching system;

– digital output 4-20mA.

Oil level indicators of the MC series N. The products are manufactured using modern components and with care for the environment.


– The products are certified by ROSATOM Concern;

– Production experience of more than 15 years;

– Possibility of technical customization;

– Mass production flow gives the most favorable cost;

– Stainless steel fasteners;

– Floats made of foamed polymer;

– Depending on the customer’s wishes, special execution is possible: any RAL color, number of cable entries, connection dimensions, housing materials or seals (rubber or fluorosilicone);

– 5 years warranty.

The best price from the manufacturer

Short production time

Quality guarantee up to 5 years

Delivery anywhere in the world

Possibility of individual design and assembly

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