Bushing insulation control cabinet KIV-500


Product description

The KIV-500 cabinet (hereinafter referred to as KIV-500 cabinet) is designed for connection of power transformer bushings to the windings of matching transformers installed inside the KIV-500 cabinet. KIV-500 cabinet must operate in conjunction with a relay unit, which is a part of KIV-500 device (hereinafter referred to as KIV-500). The KIV-500 consists of two parts - the KIV-500 cabinet and the relay unit. KIV-500 is designed to protect the insulation of 330, 500 and 750 kV high-voltage bushings, installed on transformers, autotransformers and reactors. The KIV-500 cubicle must operate in combination with the relay unit included in the KIV-500. KIV-500 is necessary for protecting the insulation of 330, 500 and 750 kV high-voltage bushings mounted on transformers, autotransformers and reactors. The principle of operation of KIV-500 is based on measuring the sum of three-phase system of currents flowing under the influence of operating voltage through the insulation of three bushings included in different phases. When an insulation fault develops or active leakage currents increase during the development of an insulation fault, a component of industrial frequency appears in the pre-balanced sum of currents, to which the device reacts. Main functions of KIV-500 cubicle
  • protection against high voltage during the occurrence of an insulation breakdown in high voltage bushings;
  • identification of a bushing with a breakdown of insulation;
  • transmission of signals from matching transformers to KIV-500.

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