Transformer automatic cooling cabinet SHAOT


Product description

Automatic transformer cooling cabinets allow the control of fan motors in automatic and manual mode, as well as electric pumps of transformer cooling systems in accordance with GOST and individual customer requirements. automatic and manual mode, as well as electric pumps of transformer cooling systems in accordance with GOST and based on individual customer requirements. SHAHOT cabinets take into account a number of non-standard requirements, which arise with regard to control algorithm, commands and signals, alarm system, design, layout and installation of different types of service and information equipment. The cabinets can be equipped with diagnostic instruments monitoring whether the transformer oil contains moisture and gas, winding and oil temperature indicators, as well as systems that perform complex monitoring and control (oil level, winding and oil temperature control; cooling system control). In order to ensure stable operation of the cooling system, algorithms can be applied using controllers speed controllers for electric motors controlled from analog source, and "soft" starters can be used in power circuits. The cabinets are characterised by their high reliability, compact design and ease of access to all components. Our products help to bring about considerable savings in transformer auxiliary power and considerably extend the transformer's service life, The service life of electric motors for fans and electric pumps is considerably improved. Our company provides a full range of services: installation and commissioning of supplied equipment, as well as after-sales service. We assemble SHAHOT according to ready-made samples or design SHAHOT for a particular customer. Operation of new generation control cabinets avoids damage to electric motors of oil pumps and fans (which increases the reliability of transformer equipment in general). Functional features of control cabinets:
  • Individual protection of fans, electric pumps against risks such as short-circuit current, overload, under-phase conditions;
  • Possibility of automatic or manual selection of power supply for power circuits;
  • application of local alarms (in the form of signal lamps in the control cabinet) and remote alarms ("dry" contacts);
  • Control of the cooling system automatically (according to State Standard 11677 or according to the algorithm agreed with the customer) and manually;
  • Possibility to automatically maintain a favourable microclimate in the enclosure;
  • local and remote signalling of the state of elements of the cooling system;
  • possibility of passing on the functions of a back-up cooler to any cooler in order to ensure even wear and tear;
  • control of electric pumps and fan motors according to preset algorithms depending on load and transformer oil and winding temperature.

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