Small oil indicator MSK2M

Completely replace models:

Oil level indicator for transformers MESSKO MTO series
TXpert™ Ready liquid level indicator Comem eOLI
Qualitrol® 032/042/045 & AKM 44712/34725 large oil level indicators


Product description

The oil level indicator is designed to indicate the oil level in the expander of a power transformer during operation:
  • to determine the oil level in the oil conservator of a power transformer during operation;
  • to determine the normal oil level in the oil conservator when filling the transformer;
  • to issue an electrical signal at high and low critical levels of oil in the oil conservator.

Operating principle

The oil indicator consists of a sealed casing, a scale with a pointer mechanism, a float and a lever actuator. The MSK2M pointer is linked to the float by means of a lever actuator and two interacting magnets. The fields of magnets interact through the sealed casing wall and move synchronously according to the float position and transmit rotary motion to the pointer.


  • indication of current oil level, MIN and MAX levels;
  • Number of contacts: 2, 4, 6;
  • contacts can be either magnetically controlled (reed switches) or microswitches


Possibility of 4…20 mA sensor installation

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