Flow relay


Product description

Monitoring the flow and measuring the flow rate of various types of liquid products.   The blade system for signaling and measuring the flow parameters of liquid and gaseous media is an industrial alternative with high operational safety for the production of industrial equipment. The spring-loaded blade immersed in the flow of the measured medium deviates from the initial position by a certain angle proportional to the force of the flow. The free end of the blade with a magnet attached to it controls the magnetically sensitive contacts, the microswitch or the mechanism of the switch device. When the flow reaches the set value, the contact is triggered. By changing the location of the contact, a stepless change in the trigger threshold can be achieved. Blade devices are designed primarily for use in liquid media. At the same time, they are significantly less affected by the viscosity of the measuring medium than, for example, piston systems.


  • Instantaneous triggering in the absence of a stream;
  • Reliability and simplicity of design;
  • Possibility of application on pipelines from DN 25 – DN 200;
  • The dependence of switching the sensor position only on the presence/absence of flow;
  • The most cost-effective solution for flow control;
  • Possibility of technical customization.

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