Direct shut-off valve with solenoid actuator

A shut-off valve is designed to shut off the flow of the working medium in pipelines during emergencies.
Completely replace models:

ВБИЕ.494155.003 (0ВБ.456.246)
ВБИЕ.494155.008 (494155.003; 5ВБ.456.246)


Product description

Used in power oil transformers, autotransformers and reactors, installed in the oil line between the expander and the tank and designed to shut off the oil line on signal.

Operating principle

The valve has a built-in shut-off device that closes the oil passage when voltage is applied to the solenoid terminals.

The valve is returned to the open position manually.


  • DN 50 mm;
  • Power supply voltage – 220 V, 50 Hz

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