Air dehumidifier SVS-20T

Designed to dry the air that enters the transformer expander during operation.
Completely replace models:

MTRAB® 2.5-type DB200T

Qualitrol STB-100-2

Product description

SVS is maintenance-free as it regenerates silica gel automatically through heating


The design of SVS intelligent Air Dehumidifier is protected by a patent. Beware of fakes, buy original units from a reliable manufacturer.

Operating principle

The air entering the transformer expander passes through the silica gel in the unit and is dried. The silica gel is saturated with moisture during operation. The design of the device allows the adsorber to return to its original characteristics in automatic mode (drying).

It is designed for transformers with an oil volume greater than 30 tonnes.

The drying mode is activated as the moisture in the silica gel increases, at the moment the transformer exhales


  • Silica gel mass 2.6 kg
  • Power up to 900W
  • Applicable for power oil transformers of more than 40 MW*A

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