Our team:

The leader and head of the plant ATF.

He has 2 higher educations: TSU Togliatti - technical, and SGEA Samara - legal. He created the company in 2005. Since 2007, he began to register his first patents for equipment. Having studied the market and the entire range of components of power transformers for a long time, Evgeny and his team began regular development and launch of a wide range of products. Thanks to this, the supply of devices to all transformer plants in Russia and the CIS began. In 2019, the first production complex was purchased and international deliveries began.

Dmitry is the second most important person in the company, responsible for solving all operational issues, supervises and organizes all new projects, monitors the smooth and high-quality operation of production.

He studied at SSAU as an engineer with a degree in «Radio Engineering. Automotive electronics».

He has been working at ATF since March 2018. He joined ATF as Deputy Director of Production.

Hobby: Outdoor recreation.

He is engaged in financial management in the company, has been working since 2021.

She has been working as an accountant since the 3rd year, graduated with honors from the Faculty of Economics of Samara State University of Economics.

Hobbies – learning languages, raising a son.

Responsible for:

1) Expansion of the product range;

2) Organization of the work of the design department;

3) Development of competencies of employees of the design department and IT of the organization;

4) Improvement of product quality, including the degree of customer satisfaction with our products;

5) Reducing the cost of production.

Works in ATF since 07/20/2020.



Mikhail likes to do something with his own hands: self-construction, MAINTENANCE / car repair. Likes to spend time in nature both alone (with a dog) and in good company.

Responsible for management and control within the sales department.

Sergey has been working since 2022. He joined the company as an employee of the department and after 5 months took over the leadership.

Sergey loves walking in the woods with his family, cycling alone with his favorite music in the player, discussing sports events, especially football, especially the English Premier League from his sofa (Honored sofa analyst).

In the company ATF since October 2021 in the position of "head of the quality department". Main activities: organization and management of production quality, including input, intermediate and output control; testing; supplier development, promotional work; solving quality problems at all levels, including the warranty period.

Artem graduated from Samara Humanitarian Academy, Faculty of Law, criminal Law department. In the industry since 2006. He held the positions of locksmith, warehouse operator, foreman, foreman. Since 2018 - Quality engineer, auditor, head of the Quality Department. Artyom's qualifications are confirmed by certificates, diplomas of additional education, and letters of encouragement.

Hobbies: martial arts, water and bicycle tourism, classical literature and cinema.

Виолетта отвечает за развитие системы менеджмента качества, а именно, определение алгоритма и стандартизация  бизнес-процессов предприятия совместно с коллегами.

Оптимизация бизнес-процессов с помощью внедрения Предложений по улучшениям и  мозгового штурма, в рамках которого рождаются самые неординарные и эффективные решения, позволяет идти в ногу с потребностями нашего клиента.

Наряду с сертификацией системы менеджмента качества, Виолетта занимается сертификацией и испытаниями продукции, участвует во внедрении методов бережливого производства, оценивает результативность бизнес-процессов в рамках проведения внутренних аудитов.

В ATF работает не так давно, но уже успела оценить многогранность и высокий темп развития нашего предприятия.

Violetta is responsible for the development of the quality management system, namely, the definition of the algorithm and standardization of business processes of the enterprise together with colleagues.

Optimization of business processes through the implementation of Improvement Proposals and brainstorming, within which the most extraordinary and effective solutions are born, allows us to keep up with the needs of our client.

Along with the certification of the quality management system, Violetta is engaged in the certification and testing of products, participates in the implementation of lean manufacturing methods, evaluates the effectiveness of business processes within the framework of internal audits.

She has been working at ATF not so long ago, but she has already managed to appreciate the versatility and high rate of development of our enterprise.

Responsible for the supply of the enterprise, foreign economic activity and logistics.

I have been working at Avtotransfrmator LLC since November 2021.

He is fond of boxing, loves jogging in the fresh air, and also travels around the country with his family.

Irina is responsible for all processes related to marketing and creativity.

Graduated from the University of Service (PVGUS) and has 2 higher educations. In marketing since 2006. The main motto in life is "Success does not come to someone who gets up early, but to someone who wakes up in a good mood."

He has been working at the ATF LLC since April 2022.

In her free time, Irina enjoys sewing and designing accessories.   

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