Dehydrating breather for traction transformer

Product description

Designed to dehydrating breather entering the expander of the traction transformer. Principle of operation: The dehydrating breather the expander passes through the indicator silica gel located in the device and is drained. As the moisture increases, the silica gel changes color from blue to pink. The lighter the shade of silica gel, the more moisture it contains. The pink color indicates that it is _me to replace the silica gel. At the inlet/outlet, air passes through a hydraulic seal from transformer oil, which allows cleaning the incoming air from mechanical impurities.


– Climatic design and accommodation category according to GOST 15150-69;

– Degree of protection IP56 according to GOST 14254-2015;

– The position of the air dryer is vertical;

– The mass of the air dryer – no more than 2.7 kg without sorbent;

– The main technical data are given in Table 1.

Тable 1.


– Compactness and conciseness;

– Mass production flow gives the most favorable cost;

– Stainless steel fasteners;

– Dehydrating breathers are manufactured using modern components and taking care of the environment;

– 5-year warranty.

The best price from the manufacturer

Short production time

Quality guarantee up to 5 years

Delivery anywhere in the world

Possibility of individual design and assembly

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