Smart dehydrating breather SVS


Product description

The SVS type smart dehydrating breatherss are designed to protect the transformer oil contained in the expander from moisture and industrial pollution from the air. They do not need constant monitoring of the moisture content of the sorbent. Regeneration of the sorbent in automatic mode and "on exhalation" of the transformer. Modifications are available for the main tank and for the RPN tank. Automatic warm-up to prevent freezing.


The main technical data are shown in Table 1.

Тable 1.


– The products are certified by ROSATOM Concern;

– Intelligent microprocessor control device;

– Mass production flow gives the most favorable cost;

– Stainless steel fasteners;

– Registration of all events in memory;

– A wide range of data transmission methods;

– Increase in service life due to the use of posistor heaters;

– Dehydrating breathers are manufactured using modern components and taking care of the environment.

The best price from the manufacturer

Short production time

Quality guarantee up to 5 years

Delivery anywhere in the world

Possibility of individual design and assembly

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