Small oil level indicators МСКМ


Product description

  • to determine the level of liquid dielectric (hereinafter referred to as oil) in the expander of an oil transformer or other apparatus during its operation;
  • to establish a normal oil level in the expander when filling the transformer with it;
  • for issuing an electrical signal at minimum and maximum operating oil levels in the expander;
  • for use in different climatic conditions


– The value of the main electrical parameters of the contacts must correspond to Table 1.


Таble 1.


– The products are certified by ROSATOM Concern;

– Production experience of more than 15 years;

– Mass production flow gives the most favorable cost;

– Possibility of technical customization;

– Stainless steel fasteners;

– Floats made of foamed polymer;

– Depending on the customer’s wishes, special execution is possible: any RAL color, number of cable entries, connection dimensions, housing materials or seals (rubber or fluorosilicone);

– Oil indicators are manufactured using modern components and taking care of the environment;

– 5 years warranty.

The best price from the manufacturer

Short production time

Quality guarantee up to 5 years

Delivery anywhere in the world

Possibility of individual design and assembly

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